Warm design for a classic audio speaker


The passion for music and continuous research for sound perfection made the dream of Bastanis MATTERHORN speakers come true. We use new methods to create a speaker cone that behaves better and allows a pure speaker design that makes the Bastanis MATTERHORN concept extremely efficient. All treatments are handmade to get the best possible soundquality pushing the limits to a higher level.

The Bastanis MATTERHORN speakers show the beauty of sound clear and musical.  They can be powered by a single ended flea- powered tube amps with as little as 1.5 W but they also shake the room using a high-wattage solid state amp. The fine dynamics and the ability to deliver full musical structure at even lowest listening levels is unmatched and compete with most powerful and dynamic speakers of all times. The floor-firing bass horns allow the placement of MATTERHORN speakers in small to big rooms because the bass is self-adjusting to the size of the room and the size of the free floor space.

Bastanis MATTERHORN lets you feel the essence of music and take you to the top!