Wildhorn. The Golden Mean.


It has never been possible before, to delve so deeply into the world of music, pure and simple. The Bastani WILDHORN sets a new quality standard in the world of passive loudspeakers using efficient minimalism and an uncompromising quest for sonic perfection.

Bastanis WILDHORNS are so compact, that they are easy to integrate in most listening rooms. They fulfill even the most sophisticated audiophile demands while appearing simple and beautiful wherever they are placed. Years of experience, the courage to innovate and the incorporation of traditional handcrafting methods result in the perfection that is the Bastani WILDHORN. 

The 12 inch, full-range drivers, due to their large sound-emitting surface, create superior dynamics and transients. The unique process of the membrane treatment allow this full-range speaker to be coupled directly to the power amps – without any components interrupting the signal path. This allows the Bastani WILDHORN to offer superb detailing and maximum amplifier control.

The WILDHORN concept features a floor radiating horn resonator, making this speaker suitable for both large and smaller listening rooms. The area of the virtual horn mouth chamber varies and adjusts the bass response independently of the room dimensions.. Bass performance is extremely clean and dynamic, even if it does not quite reach the extreme depth of the Bastanis MATTERHORN speakers. The enormous efficiency of 100 dB / 1 W / 1 m, the uncritical impedance curve and the low demand for amplifier-sided electrical damping provide optimal conditions for operation with Single-Ended tube amplifiers.